Home Residency: Camara Taylor

Market’s 2020 Studio Projects Home Residency has been awarded to Camara Taylor. Reflecting on the notion of ‘pining’, Camara will use the month of September to work on a film about heartbreak, nostalgia and the false imaginings of a country — a work of still and moving image held together by an anxious narrator. Mad, oblique and unreliable, pining for something liveable.

Camara Taylor lives and works ...

Potbelly: Clarinda Tse and Caitlyn Main

Clarinda Tse and Caitlyn Main will be sharing their Studio Projects outcomes on Friday 20th September from 6 - 9pm. Clarinda will present a performance, and Caitlyn will screen a short film.

18:50 Pre sunset (with Clarinda Tse)

19:24 Sunset (supper)

20:10 Post Sunset (with Caitlyn Main)

Notes on Clarinda's performance: a jelled up precarity ...