Market Gallery presents Cross-feed for Glasgow International 2018.

Cross-feed is a two-person exhibition with Aniara Omann and Gary Zhexi Zhang, exploring porous boundaries between disparate systems. The duo exhibition draws on para-scientific practices, strange ecologies and experiments with consciousness.

Exploring psychic and metabolic exchanges between bodies, Cross-feed exhibits new work by Omann and Zhang considering the decomposition of subjective boundaries by psychedelic compounds, parasitic intelligences ...

Equinox screening: Animisms

At Market Gallery, on March 20th, the astrological event of The Equinox marks the occasion for a screening of five films by four filmmakers, each work addressing themes of cultural, spiritual and scientific relationships with the natural world.

Animism (from Latin anima, “breath, spirit, life”) is the belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. What do these beliefs, these perspectives, tell us about ...

NIGHT SCHOOL: Daniel Massie

Structures of Support: Female Film Performances and Reflections on Process

Thursday, 22nd February, 6:30PM - 8:00PM - doors from 6PM

In the run up to the Oscars and for our first Night School of 2018, Daniel Massie will present an overview of his research on the category and winning performances of Actress in a Supporting Role at the Academy Awards.The evening will ...


Expanding on elements of Pamela Colman Smith’s drawing for The Moon tarot card, SUBMERGED VILLAGE is a video produced from material gathered during Andy Black's Studio Projects residency (2017). The work takes discrete moments at rural locations in Yorkshire and Scotland and frames them as queer experiences - bringing together the re-exposed remains of a village permanently flooded by the construction of Thruscross Reservoir, an endangered species of crayfish, ...

Studio Projects: Calcium Storeys

Calcium Storeys is an exhibition of new work developed by Jamie Kane during his Studio Projects Residency at Market Gallery this summer (2017). The exhibition centres around a video that through a consideration of materiality, forms an assemblage of people and things, culminating in an architectural proposal.

The film takes Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) as a starting point. It is a substance that makes up chalk, used as ...


Market Gallery are hosting Jamie Kane and Andrew Black for this Summer's Studio Projects: a five-week residency taking place between August and September 2017.

For this residency, Andrew will be gathering materials and research to produce a body of work that might develop into a film project. The work produced will carry forth a fairly subjective look at potential and existing expressions of queerness in Glasgow and ...

STUDIO PROJECTS 2017: Jamie Kane

Market Gallery are hosting Jamie Kane and Andrew Black for this Summer's Studio Projects: a five-week residency taking place between August and September 2017.

With research spanning chemistry, biology, architecture and improvisation Jamie intends to use his residency to explore tensions and intimacies that arise between individual and commune, through the lens of materiality.

The Devil's Plantation - May Miles Thomas

Friday 15 August 2014

Event opens at 7:00pm

Screening begins at 7:30pm with a Q&A to follow

As part of GENERATION, Market Gallery presents May Miles Thomas' film The Devil's Plantation.

A haunting psycho-geographic journey, The Devil’s Plantation brings together two life stories to reveal an ancient secret. Supported by the SAC Creative Scotland ...

No Date - Scott Rogers

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Event opens: 7.30pm, screening begins: 8.00pm

As part of the series of events of Time After Time, Scott Rogers will present his video No Date for the first time as a screening. Filmed in Glasgow over a one year period, the video takes the form of an nature documentary where human presence is conspicuously ...

Miscellany: Revised Moments and Cinematic Artefacts, Thomas Anderson at Titan Props (OFF-SITE)

Miscellany: Revised Moments and Cinematic Artefacts

Thomas Anderson

Titan Props, Kinning Park

(From Kinning Park Subway walk over motorway foot-bridge and follow the signs)

Saturday 22 March 2014 8pm - 10pm

For one night only, come and experience Edinburgh based artist Thomas Anderson's: 'Miscellany: Revised Moments and ...

'Yet Hesitant' Thomas Anderson