Open Call Committee Member


Market Gallery is looking for one new committee member to join in February 2021. The monthly remuneration is £357 for the role, with funding secured until June 2021. Deadline to apply is Sunday January 17th at midnight. Please read on for more info and how to apply.

About Market Gallery:

Market Gallery is an artist-run space in Glasgow's East End, established in 2000 and currently run by a voluntary committee and board. The committee works collaboratively to produce a yearly programme of exhibitions, events, artist residencies and talks. We aim to support the local art community, and to provide an accessible platform for the discussion and experience of contemporary art in Glasgow and internationally.

About the role:

The committee term is a two-year position that offers an opportunity to develop research interests and programme collaboratively in a non-hierarchical environment. Committee members are responsible for all aspects of the daily running of the organisation, and as such have the chance to gain experience in a number of fields.

Essential tasks that are shared amongst Committee Members include, but are not limited to: administration, programming and research, artist liaison and communication with partner organisations, writing and reporting on funding applications, bookkeeping, marketing, gallery maintenance and event delivery. We meet weekly and we are looking for people who are happy to work within a small team.

Committee members are expected to have an interest in (broadly defined) contemporary art and be able to dedicate roughly 2 days a week, including the weekly meeting, as well as a day of independent or sub-committee work. This commitment will fluctuate according to the program and calendar.

Sustainability of Artist Run Spaces:

The gallery is continuing for another year a pilot scheme led by Creative Scotland. As part of this we are undertaking a period of review, reflection and critique of our governance and operational structures of what an Artist Run Space is and can be. The Pilot scheme means a small remuneration of our time and inclusion in the discussion about the sustainability and accessibility of the roles in Artist Run Spaces.

We will continue our research and participation in discussions surrounding the sustainability of artist-run models, including conversations around artistic labour, institutional racism, exclusion and privilege. We welcome applications from those who are keen to be involved in these discussions.

Research, learning and additional archiving duties relating to this Pilot are paid at SAU day rates and currently average about £357 a month per committee member. We currently have funding to pay this until June 2021.


Due to the unpredictable nature concerning Covid-19 are weekly meetings have mostly been happening remotely. Where appropriate, Committee Members have still gone into the Gallery space for maintenance, meetings and other administrative related tasks. We will continuously assess the situation and update our protocols as and when relevant. If you have any concerns related to this please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How to Apply:

To apply, please email with the subject heading “Committee Member Open Call 2021” with a CV and a short statement outlining your reasons for wanting to join the committee (300 words max), by Sunday January 17th 2021 at midnight. Meetings will be arranged for the following weeks.

If you have any questions or wish to submit an application in an alternative form (video, audio etc) please email

Please note that applicants in full-time education will not be considered.

We believe in equality of access to professional opportunities, and thus particularly encourage applications from members of minoritised ethnic groups, those who consider themselves to be disabled, and those who are otherwise currently underrepresented in media and the visual arts.

Please direct any questions or queries to and the committee will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.