Crystals & Richter's Daughter | Soya Arakawa & Aman Sandhu

Please join us on leap day night for an evening of performances by Aman Sandhu and Soya Arakawa as part of Aman's exhibition SO GLAD. Details below, in no particular order.

29th February 7 - 9pm

(1) Aman tells a story about Gerhard Richter's daughter.

(2) Soya performs the Crystals. Please read on for the background story:

"I was in Taiwan for a residency ...

Aman Sandhu | SO GLAD

February 8 – March 20 | Preview Sat Feb 8, 6 – 9 pm

Open Friday Sunday, 12 6 pm

Market Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Glasgow-based artist Aman Sandhu. SO GLAD

We Will Write With Our Own Hands in Our Own Voices | Sarah Tripp

This informal workshop led by artist and writer Sarah Tripp will consider the many voices we use in our private and working lives. Some of these voices will be identified and distilled with a view to describing an intimate experience you will have within the workshop duration. You will be asked to make people up, these these characters will be fictional, undramatic and almost entirely kind. Please bring to ...

Richard Maguire | Publication Launch: What It Is To Burn

Market Gallery is excited to invite you to the launch of a newly commissioned text by Richard Maguire. What it is to burn is an exploration of the evidentiary chain of the linguistic prompts that form bodies as burning, burned, burned out and burnt. It works around desire, passing, and the intersections of race, sexuality and nationality.

Saturday 30th November 6 - 9pm

The event ...

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha | Social Prescription

Social Prescription is a workshop that aims to open up various fasting practices, putting them up for debate and inviting participants to share and exchange perspectives. The workshop is informed by the artist’s performance practice, and a contextualisation of fasting as a ritual that locates the site of resilience within the body. Contesting conventional notions and expectations of self-care, the session will work towards providing the participants with individually ...

On my way home: Kerry Campbell

Market Gallery invites you to join us for the fifth episode of our reading group On My Way Home. The facilitator and guest selector for this session is curator and producer Kerry Campbell.

Saturday 7th September 3 - 5pm

For this session Kerry will be discussing both statistical and more nuanced structural inequality in the arts and cultural sector. The reading group will feature a ...

On my way home: Hussein Mitha

Market Gallery invites you to join us for the fourth episode of our reading group On My Way Home. The facilitator and guest selector for this session is artist and researcher Hussein Mitha.

Sarturday 3rd August 3 - 6pm at Market Gallery

“We have given up communism — only to fall more deeply in love with the idea of ‘the community’” So writes Gillian Rose ...

Astrid Newman: Alto, Soprano, Mumbler of Truths

Market Gallery warmly invites you to a new performance by Astrid Newman. By relinquishing our attachment to the fantasy of ‘the good life’, and by gaining an understanding of the various impasses that we face, is it possible to move forward from where we stand? Alto, Soprano, Mumbler of Truths is a riff on fantasy, failure and interpersonal relationships.

Saturday 20th July 7 - 8pm at Market ...

On my way home: Richard Maguire

Market Gallery invites you to join us for the third episode of our reading group On My Way Home. The facilitator and guest selector for this session is artist Richard Maguire. The texts selected by Richard focus on passing and the intersections of race, sexuality and nationality. The first two texts, an excerpt from ‘The Sexagon’ by Mehemmed Amadeus Mack and a fansite essay on Keanu Reeves, ‘Queer Keanu’, ...

On my way home: A+E Collective

Market Gallery invites you to join us for the second episode of our reading group 'On my way home'. The facilitators and guest selectors for this session are A+E Collective. No prior reading necessary -- all resources will be provided on the day.


In Bluets, Maggie Nelson writes of spending one drizzly May taking ‘long walks in my yellow poncho, looking for blue, for any blue ...

Noureddine Ezarraf: I SHALL BEAR MY VISAGE

(Or why I radically un-friend the tourist(s))

Working within a framework of radical hospitality, artist Noureddine Ezarraf presents a performative exhibition of obliterated objects and images. Over the course of an afternoon, the artist will contest and explore the dichotomies of tourism and fugitive presence, social facelessness and face recognition, border erection and hostility elections. The event will be structured around moments of ponctuation (sharing words) and contemplation (viewing ...

Market x Komplot

Market Gallery invites you to an exhibition and performances programmed as part of a curatorial exchange with Brussels-based collective Komplot. In collaboration with Komplot curator Sonia Dermience, we will be presenting the work of two artists: Cléo Totti and Seyran Kirmizitoprak.

Opening 42 days before the UK officially leaves the European Union, Komplot’s intervention at Market Gallery is a structural acknowledgement of artistic and curatorial exchange opportunities afforded ...

Reproductive Technologies

Reproductive Technologies is an afternoon presenting work by four artists, exploring the position of bodies within systems of production and reproduction.

The day will include a screening of work by Victoria Sin; a reading of an especially commissioned text by Kirsty Hendry; new work produced by Alexander Hetherington; and a performative lecture by Melanie Jackson.

The event is the culmination of a six month reading ...


Market Gallery presents Cross-feed for Glasgow International 2018.

Cross-feed is a two-person exhibition with Aniara Omann and Gary Zhexi Zhang, exploring porous boundaries between disparate systems. The duo exhibition draws on para-scientific practices, strange ecologies and experiments with consciousness.

Exploring psychic and metabolic exchanges between bodies, Cross-feed exhibits new work by Omann and Zhang considering the decomposition of subjective boundaries by psychedelic compounds, parasitic intelligences ...


BODY BUILDING brings together four artists working in the medium of performance: Amy Pickles, Shona Macnaughton, Laura Gonzalez and Hannah Rose Whittle.

Following a micro residency at Market Gallery over three days in November that included tours of the local area and Necropolis, the artists have been asked to produce new work for the gallery or further afield, that responds to the social and geographical ...

Solution for Market Gallery Walk

Market Gallery is pleased to invite you to a dog walk/discussion event, which will conclude Jarsdell Solutions Ltd's current project, 'Solution for Market Gallery'.

Francis McKee will lead a walk around Dennistoun, using the locality as a stimulus for the introduction of several morsels from his varied research interests. McKee's contribution will then frame a discussion of 'Solution for Market Gallery,' allowing ...


Following an extended period of consultation, research and development, Jarsdell Solutions Ltd is pleased to launch the implementation phase of its latest solution. Solution for Market Gallery has been realised in the wake of Market Gallery’s displacement from two of its three spaces. Those two spaces are to be converted into a Post Office, in order to preserve what is understood to be ...

Free Market: A Forum on Cultural Resources in Crisis

Over the course of three days, Market Gallery will host numerous arts organisers, artists, journalists, writers, economists and activists from across Scotland & the UK.

Initiated partly as a response to losing two of our gallery spaces at the end of May, we want to problem-pose the underlying issues behind the allocation of resources and property within the arts & ...

Voice sampling and living sculptures

Voice sampling and living sculptures, a night of listening to the Minch.

The evening will mark the closing of Suzanne Déry and Susannah Stark's exhibition - the last over Market Gallery’s three spaces. Don't miss this chance to see and listen to this duo's exploration of the peat bog or swamp as a sonic space and a corrupted archive, with the addition of a live performance!


The Minch

The Minch

Opening night: 11 April 2017, 6 - 9pm.

Exhibition runs 12 - 23 April 2017, Tuesday-Sunday 12-6pm.

An exhibition of new work by Suzanne Déry and Susannah Stark, The Minch is a multimedia installation of disembodied voices, handmade instruments, and moveable plastic prints. Across Market's three exhibition spaces, the installation explores the potential of the ...

1957 Chevy Apparition

Opening 17th February 6-9pm

Exhibition runs from 18th February - 12th March 2017

1957 Chevy Apparition is an exhibition of films by Ross Little, Florrie James and Lester Alvarez Meno.

Ross Little and Florrie James have collaborated on a series of three short films each presenting a variety of experiences, real and imagined, reflecting on time spent in Havana, Cuba.They use a mixture ...

Stephanie Elaine Black, Brandon Cramm, Sonia Hufton, Emil Lillo, Sulaïman Majali, Aaron McCarthy, Alex Sarkisian, Serra Tansel and Lewk Wilmshurst

Market Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition bringing together works by Stephanie Elaine Black, Brandon Cramm, Sonia Hufton, Emil Lillo, Sulaïman Majali, Aaron McCarthy, Alex Sarkisian, Serra Tansel and Lewk Wilmshurst.

For this exhibition, the committee each selected two artists whose work they’ve been following with interest. Through our ongoing conversations we have been attempting to form a community that respects each individual’s own personal rhythm ...

Text by Lauren Dyer Amazeen

Accompanying text by Lauren Dyer Amazeen for Office for Monument Construction:

Albert Camus wrote, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Camus believed in the Absurd, the friction between humanity’s pursuit of some sort of order and meaning in life, and a world that is indifferent and harsh. ...

Office for Monument Construction

Market Gallery is pleased to present a new video work by Karolina Breguła, commissioned for Glasgow International 2016.

Office for Monument Construction tells the story of people who come from a town which no longer exists. Having no better place to stay, they inhabit a deserted concrete complex situated in the middle of a vibrant city. However, this surrogate home is bound for ...

Picture Window at Market Gallery for Sonica 2015

Market Gallery are delighted to invite you to Picture Window’s programme of contemporary video art for Sonica 2015. Transforming the windows into screens the work of Johanna Billing and Joanna Peace is presented, which use and examine music and song in innovative and original ways.

Projections from 5pm until 8pm daily, 29th October – 8th November

Gallery 2: Joanna Peace
Gallery 3: Johanna Billing ...

I think you are using the word archive inaccurately‏‏‏‏

We are excited to introduce you to Market Gallery’s collaboration with My Bookcase, I think you are using the word archive inaccurately.

This summer, the Market Gallery committee has decided to devote time to opening and examining the contents of its archive. My Bookcase has been invited to provide the platform for multiple perspectives concerning archival practices to convene.

During July and August this year, ...

Asli Çavuşoğlu - Murder in Three Acts

Opening: 20 March 2015, 7pm - 9pm
Exhibition: 21 March - 19 April 2015

Market Gallery presents Asli Çavuşoğlu’s Murder in Three Acts, a scripted crime drama rehearsed, performed, and filmed during Frieze Art Fair 2012 in the framework of Frieze Projects.

The first stage of the work, executed by a professional crew of actors and producers, was structured as a real-time performance, ...

Evil Empire - Simon Buckley - Artist Talk

The Relevance of Irreverence

Evil Empire - Simon Buckley - Artist Talk

The Relevance of Irreverence

Saturday 28 February 2015, 7pm

As the sun sets on Evil Empire, Market Gallery is pleased to be hosting an artist talk with Simon Buckley.

The talk 'The Relevance of Irreverence' will be broken down into four parts, where Buckley ...

Boom in boom in, butter | Black Meal


Gallery 2

Sunday 23 November 2014

7:00pm - 8:30pm

A delicious meal to disorient the senses by considering modes of foreign and abject consumption.

Please note this event is not suitable for vegetarians or those with gluten intolerant.

This event is now fully booked, if you would like to be added to ...

Boom in boom in, butter | EVENTS

Wasted Commons

Foraging in Glasgow City Area
Sunday 9 November 2014
2:00pm onwards* timing subject to weather conditions
Starting Location Glasgow Sculpture Studios (2 Dawson Road)

Please RSVP to to confirm attendance

Information of the other events to follow

Boom in boom in, butter - Casey O'Connell + Sarah Rose

31 October - 28 November 2014

Taking cooking – its language, form and history – as a model for research and production, Casey O'Connell and Sarah Rose will host events using modes of instruction as a score: a recipe.

During the events, the static and visible score will be destabilised as it passes through the body of another person. Framed by medicinal and ...




11th July - 1st August 2014

Opening event Friday 11th of July, 6-9pm

Market Gallery presents Time After Time, a new exhibition and series of events, talks and screenings as part of GENERATION, a nationwise programme showcasing art in Scotland from the past 25 years.The ...

Miscellany: Revised Moments and Cinematic Artefacts, Thomas Anderson at Titan Props (OFF-SITE)

Miscellany: Revised Moments and Cinematic Artefacts

Thomas Anderson

Titan Props, Kinning Park

(From Kinning Park Subway walk over motorway foot-bridge and follow the signs)

Saturday 22 March 2014 8pm - 10pm

For one night only, come and experience Edinburgh based artist Thomas Anderson's: 'Miscellany: Revised Moments and ...

Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S)

Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S)

11 January – 21 February 2014

Opening Event: Saturday 11 January 3pm - 6pm

For six weeks from the 11th of January 2014, Glasgow Open Dance School is based at Market Gallery, creating a physical, welcoming space for movement research and practice in Glasgow. The first space ...

New States, Beth Dynowski

New States

Beth Dynowski

26th October - 6th December 2013

Opening: 25th October 2013 6-9pm

Market Gallery presents 'New States,' the first solo exhibition by Glasgow based artist Beth Dynowski. The exhibition extends through three gallery spaces, where the artist presents a lexicon of ...



Steven Campbell, Aimi Ferrier, Helen Flockhart, Marianne Greated, Mabel Halliday, Katrin Jaberg, Lindsey Mclean, Carol Rhodes, Alastair Strachan and Mary Wintour

6th July - 16th August 2013

In landscape, one searches for memory. One searches for the traces that connect the familiar with the visible, molding and making palpable the interstice between our own locality and the distant place.


Robot Ninja, Jonathan Monaghan

Robot Ninja

Jonathan Monaghan

3rd May - 7th June 2013

Using the same technology employed by Hollywood and video games American artist Jonathan Monaghan debuts a new video installation for Market Gallery entitled Robot Ninja. Drawing as much on the past and mythology, as on science fiction and contemporary culture, Monaghan envisions a monstrous robotic ...

The Origins of Another Artwork, Toby Huddlestone

The Origins of Another Artwork

Toby Huddlestone

18th January - 8th February 2013

Toby Huddlestones solo exhibition at Market Gallery, Glasgow. A three-gallery solo show featuring brand new multi-screen video work Falling, ongoing work 'So what can be said to have gone on?' (part 2) with old and new lecture performances + special invited guests, and older ...

Draw Duke Street, Mitch Miller

Draw Duke Street

Mitch Miller

30th October - 16th December 2012

Preview 7th December.

From the 30th of October to the 16th of December 2012, illustrator Mitch Miller was resident in Market Gallery on Duke Street. His task was to create a large room-length ‘dialectogram’ of the stretch of Dennistoun’s main high street that lies between ...

Budgie Butlins, Catherine Roberts

Budgie Butlins

Catherine Roberts

2nd - 23rd November 2012

This show was of the documentation of the experience of forty six lucky budgerigars as they enjoyed a unique and miniature Butlins' style holiday. Donated by The Northern Ireland Budgerigar, Zebra Finch and Foreign Bird Society, Budgie Butlins' offers the very best in rest and relaxation and everything else ...

Art Lending Library

Art Lending Library

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

20th April - 7th May 2012

A project by Market Gallery and Walker & Bromwich Located in the Mitchell library.

Art Lending Library was an ambitious new commission by Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich which took the form of an experimental library and public procession. Conceived and ...

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