Studio Projects

Studio Projects is a four-week residency opportunity at Market Gallery, taking place annually since the galleries inception.

Two artists are selected and each given full access to a gallery space, a production budget, an artist fee, the creative and practical support of the Committee, and the potential for a future public outcome at Market Gallery in the ...

Studio Projects - Jennifer Bailey + Joe Sloan

Helen Shaddock | Solaris Simulacra

Studio Project

Helen Shaddock | Solaris Simulacra

15th March - 12th April 2013

Helen Shaddock

Solaris Simulacra Pauline McCloy & Rebbecca Green

Volume 1 | Skill/trade | Warm Minds

Studio Project

Volume 1 | Skill/Trade | Warm Minds

1st - 23rd September 2012

Volume 1 James Merchant & Jack Park

The objects in this exhibition are the result of a collaborative process over the period of one month.The work looks to establish a dialogue between makers, audience and material. Objects were appropriated, altered and re-presented in new ...