Aman Sandhu | SO GLAD

February 8 – March 20 | Preview Sat Feb 8, 6 – 9 pm

Open Friday Sunday, 12 6 pm

Market Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Glasgow-based artist Aman Sandhu. SO GLAD is an installation of drawing, sculpture and text-based works that mediate feelings of scepticism about how bodies of colour are consumed in the name of representation to find solidarity and healing within that nervous terrain. Through improvisation, absurd satire, and anecdotes of failed ancestral calls, Sandhu seeks strategies for exiting a practice of refusal that is contingent on a relationship to a dominant hegemony. SO GLAD will unfold through a series of events and interventions.

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Sat February 29 | 7 pm

Performances by Aman Sandhu and Düsseldorf based artist, Soya Arakawa.

Fri March 20 | Closing Event | 6 – 9 pm

NEVERENDING STORY with artist and programmer Camara Taylor

A discussion between Aman Sandhu and Camara Taylor about an urgent need for frameworks of criticism for POC artists by POC artists.

+ Release and readings of a chapbook of collected writings from Aman Sandhu’s friends and loved ones titled, TO HAVE SEEN YOU.

Image credits:

  1. SO GLAD gif, 2020
  2. Aman Sandhu, Less Resistance, 2019 – ongoing, series of prayer wheels constructed from tin cans from all my service jobs in Glasgow. Photo by Matthew Arthur Williams